The Butthurt

by Secret Position

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What ever happened to my freedom fries? They went away when the white people died. Whatever happened? You wouldn't know. It didn't happen on your TV show. I never gave a fuck about France. BItch, that ain't science. Facebook ruined my relationship. Bitch, that ain't science. Follow me. Follow me on Twitter. Bitch, that ain't science. No it's not. You're an idiot. BItch, that ain't science. Bitch that ain't science. Get off of your phone. Your knowledge concerning science is limited. Shut the fuck up. Whatever happened to my freedom fries? (Tell me, del.) They went away when the white people died. Whatever happened? You wouldn't know. It didn't happen on your TV show. Hashtag school shootings. Chorus Bitch, that ain't science. Get off of your phone.
Marvin Jones 01:50
Guess who I just saw at the store? His name may have been Marvin Jones. Guess what I heard Marvin did once? He jacked off in front of his sister and went to jail. Marvin has a braided ponytail. That's becase he is a Lumbee. Lumbee's are just tan with red hair. This next line goes out to Asians.
I just robbed a bank using my dick instead of a gun. I fucked all the tellers on the way out just for fun. Sorry if I broke the law dude, but I gotta run. Gotta eat a chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun. (Chorus) Police man. Suck it. You can't touch my butt. Police man. Suck it. Make out with Chevy Chase. I just flew a plane into world trade center building 3. And the best part about is I got away scott-free. I hid out in the place I figured cops'lll least likely be. That's right. You guessed it. I hid out in a library. Chorus


This album was recorded by QPC at QPC studios on the distant planet of Greensboro NC. Sexy del Monico played lead guitar, bass and his voice hole. Sexy del Rio played drums, bass, other guitars and also his voice as well. We had more fun recording it than you're going to have listening to it. We don't care. We really don't.


released September 20, 2016

Sexy del Monico: Lead Guitar, bass on #1, vox
Sexy del Rio: Lead Drums, bass on #2, 3, more guitars, vox
Engineered by QPC
Recorded at the QPC
Produced by QPC
co-produced by Secret Position
Copyright Secret Position 2016
If you rip us off and make more money off of it than we did we're going to find you and powerbomb you through a glass table.


all rights reserved



Secret Position Greensboro, North Carolina

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